the OneHAND team



The project consists of a strong consortium of companies from 4 different countries.

Hy5 (Norway)

- Project lead and creator and manufacturer of OneHand prosthesis. 

The Simulation Crew (Netherlands)

- –Virtual Training Simulations.

- –Developing the training and rehabilitation modules in the project.

International Confederation of Amputee Assosiation(IC2A (Begium) 

- Organisation of several amputee associations from across the globe.

- Responsible for the user focus and standardization treatment guidelines in the project.

------------ (Germany)

- Distributor of prosthesis in Germany.

- Distributor for Germany in the OneHand project.

Key staff members involved in the project

Ole Olsen (Hy5)

Project manger, - Mechanical engineer and industrial designer.

15 years experience in medtech industries, project management, industrial design and quality control.

Christine Mork (Hy5)

Chief Finance Officer, -

Masters degree in Finance.

12 years experience working across Singapore, Australia and Norway.

Beth Sheehan (ic2a)
Exercise physiologist that works in the international development sector with a predominant focus on disability, prosthetics and orthotics.  Beth is looking forward to expanding her knowledge in the field of upper limb prosthetics for the oneHand project.
Eric Jutten (TSC)
Master in geography at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Started The Simulation Crew in 2000. From creating computerbased and webbased simulations for corporates and organisations the company is full in to AI and VR for communication training.