OneHAND challenges & solutions



Despite several innovations, the needs of prosthetic hand users are still widely unaddressed, with 1/5 of end-users giving up on prosthesis use altogether. The cumbersome prosthetic journey, and the limitations of existing commercial alternatives are at the heart of this problem. This has a huge economic and societal impact due to the increased need for formal healthcare, support services, long-term care and caregivers. Hereto, OneHAND consortium has the ambition to address this urgent societal unmet need and launch in the market the OneHAND solution - towards better care and ultimately universal prosthesis adoption. 


- the OneHAND prosthesis builds on a unique hydraulic-driven design that allows fingers to be moved independently by a single central pumping unit. This allows to significantly lower complexity of the overall system and enables advanced gripping functionalities and gesture freedom without significantly ramping the prosthesis cost. 

- the OneHAND Virtual Reality (VR) rehabilitation and training platforms, an easily available tool that is highly engaging training at scale, which will maximize user engagement and deliver superior outcomes (offer better physical rehabilitation & better pain management), while reducing treatment time.

-the OneHAND solution will provide an improved user experience and satisfaction, and ultimately, allow a standardization of the treatment process.